One of the hardest parts about starting a new job is getting to know your new coworkers. For me, despite how hard I try not to do this, its always

Will they like me?

Will I like them?

What if we don’t get along?!

When I started at the beginning of May, one other guy started with me, and then 3 more joined us 2 weeks later. I like this system because it allowed us to kind of get used to one another slowly before throwing even more people into the arena. A week and a half later and all 6 of us (1 started before us all) are thick as thieves.

Look at those happy campers! … On the sidewalk…

Part of what I think made this transition so smooth was the fact that once the last 3 joined us we started doing group events we call “FAMs” all together. This means that we go around to a bunch of companies and hotels in the Banff & Lake Louise area and see what they’re all about. We spend a lot of time in cars together.

Have you ever driven from Banff to Lake Louise with 5 strangers in your van? I have. And it was awesome.

By not just working side-by-side all at the same time, we got to know one another as friends before we really became coworkers. And not only have I largely convinced them I’m mostly sane (ahem), but I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy their company.


But I want to tell you a little bit more about our FAMs…

FAM trips are offered to a lot of different groups in the area, especially to people who work on the ski hills in the winter and front of house staff in hotels. Since we work for the organization that promotes every single business in the area, we get to go nuts. In the scarce 4 weeks that I have been working for Banff & Lake Louise Tourism I have been sent on a guided bus tour of Banff, up and onto the Athabaska Glacier, horse back riding (complete with cowboy-style dinner), on a helicopter ride over the Bow Valley, and on tours of every place to stay in Lake Louise as well as at least half of the ones in Banff. And we aren’t even close to finished yet.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am completely convinced that I made this job up.

All of that sounds great, and man was it awesome, but the reality is that come mid-June playtime will be over and the next two and a half months will be spent sending tourists to do these things while we stay at work.


Well at least my coworkers are cool!



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