Well its been a while since we’ve been all hands on deck and things are running ship shape. I think. Honestly, its all been a bit of a blur. Going places, visiting countless (seriously I lost track) hotels, having adventures all over the National Park really takes it out of a chick.

Not that I’m complaining. Because that would be dumb of me.

Who can complain with a view like that?

But what was really fun about the last week was that we did a bunch of events and the like with our whole team; not just Banff, but also Lake Louise and Field. We’d all been together a few times before, but when they were all in town recently they were put up in a couple of hotels and stuck around for a while.

We all work under the umbrella of Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, which operates within Banff National Park, but it also extends slightly out into Yoho National Park, British Columbia. The town of Field, to be exact.

Over these 3 towns there are 12 of us newbies to the biz and what I think is really cool about all of them is that they come from all over the planet! I’m odd, I understand that; I fit into this job nicely because I grew up in Banff and yadda yadda, so on and so forth. But all these people that I get to work with now are coming from places like China, England, Venezuela, and all across Canada.

Oddly enough we have no Australians.

This is funny because Banff is sometimes called “Little Australia.”

This is a picture of a bear because I don’t have one of my teammates yet.

The reason I’m going on about this is because some of my coworkers have expressed interest in what I’m writing here and have agreed to be a part of it. This is something that I wanted to do when I was first thinking about this summer’s Co-op Report. You see, I’m so accustomed to “the local’s” perspective of Banff that I hardly ever give any thought to “outsiders’.” By pure chance my job has placed me alongside people who have (in some cases) never even visited Banff before accepting this position.

And I am dying to hear what they think.

So starting … whenever I do my next post, I will be including segments provided by my lovely coworkers, as well as beginning to feature the photography of one in particular. I’m being deliberately vague in the hopes of keeping you interested … Is it working?

So please be sure to tune in next time! I’m excited, they’re excited, you should be excited; it’s gonna be awesome.

Get it? Like, new horizons? Ok I’m done.


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