Oh my gosh I’m bad at this. I’m so sorry.

Anyway, I know I promised you new material but as of yet I only have the photos. Some of the pictures I’m going to be including from here on in were taken by my extremely talented coworker Seven Shi. He has an amazing Instagram account that you should definitely check out.

Vermillion Lakes, Banff. Photo by Seven Shi.


Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Photo by Seven Shi.

Go see it now.

Warner Stables, Banff. Photo by Seven Shi.


Like myself, Seven goes to university in Victoria (at a different school though) and we started at the same time at BLLT. We go on adventures and stuff. He kicks my butt at both basketball and pool. Which is sad. For me.

Moving on…

Since I don’t have any stories yet from my coworkers, I’m gonna get the ball rolling with a little story from my mother:

I came in 1984 for the summer. I was 22 years old – I came for a summer job while I was at university and worked at the Banff Springs Fairmont. At the time it wasn’t the Fairmont, but it is now. And yeah. After a few weeks working in the hotel I started in valet parking and that was great; I got to drive all these awesome cars. I got to drive Wilt Chamberlain’s Peugeot and clean a DeLorean. That was cool.

I knew I wanted to live here because I met a lot of really nice people and I was away from my parents *laughs* and the Banff Springs Hotel community was tight. Going into town was like going into a totally different community, which was kinda weird for a 22 year old. But we would go down and enjoy the nightlife.

I started to feel like being more a part of the community after a few years; it took some effort. My main job was still at the Springs, but I got another job downtown so I met a lot more different people. By this time I was out of university, and I met Ken in ’86 working at the local high school. We were married in ’89 and I started working for the (brand new) Town of Banff in 1990. We knew that this would be a great town to raise a family in and a few years later the girls were born. We’ve been here ever since. It’s home.

Margaret Riordon, June 25, 2016. From Montreal, Quebec.


I went to school with a lot of kids who can claim a similar origin story, and I see new ones forming every time I come home. Banff has a way of working its way under your skin and before you know it you own a house and have a dog and soon your kids are in kindergarten. Or so I’m told.

In this story, I was that kid.

Now my peers and I are the same age my parents were when they started figuring out they wanted to be here permanently. I don’t quite know how many of the people around me are feeling like they want to move here, but I’m still super interested to see how they feel about being here. It’ll be a ride. Stay tuned.

Team BLLT, Lake Louise Ski Hill, Lake Louise AB. Photo by Seven Shi.

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