I am so sorry. Turns out I’m really quite horrible at keeping a blog on any kind of schedule.

I do have my excuses though… As the title may hint, we have reached the point of the summer where the days are hot, the crowds thick, and the questions tiring. I am immensely enjoying working for Banff & Lake Louise Tourism, but I am finding it difficult to get past my life-long struggle with having to repeat myself. Sometimes all I want is a Wile-E Coyote-style sign that just says “The Gondola is over there. Take the shuttle.”

Ah, if only life were so simple.

As easy as a stroll in a meadow.

In all seriousness, the summer is going along just swimmingly. My coworkers and I continue to work as a cohesive team, even as we get closer to the dates when we will have to start bidding farewell. We work well together in our various postings and can often be found lounging about on patios or wandering around bodies of water after we punch out for the day.

(Most of) Team Banff at the Park Distillery during a complementary tour & tasting.

Even our work hours sometimes feel like play as we get to take our kiosks out onto the streets of Banff or even further out into the National Park!

Getting paid to stand in the sunshine and answer questions? Sounds good to me!

CprehHwWIAAvZXZ.jpg large
Life is really hard when your office for the day is on the lake shore.

And days spent away from the office prove just as much fun! Going golfing in BC; riding the Norquay Chairlift and chowing down at the Clifhouse Bistro; catching cheap Tuesday flicks at the Lux Cinema; hanging out on the back deck with the cat and some good old fashioned barbecue. Yep, life is pretty great.

As much fun as I’ve been having this summer, the closer we get to September the more excited I am to get back to Victoria and start my classes. I have to survive the Labour Day long weekend first… but I’m confident we’ll make it through to the other side with at least some of our sanity intact.

Just remember: if you’re thinking about checking out Banff this month, I hear Halifax is lovely this time of year. Have fun!

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