Well here we are. Me, you, and the end of another summer.

This summer, I am happy to report, was the kind of summer that songs are written about. Maybe not in regards to the weather – we did spend most of the last 4 months wearing long pants and hoodies – but certainly in regards to good times and good company.


Working for the tourism bureau proved to be an extremely pleasant surprise. What made the job so enjoyable were the people I got to  work with; Banff Lake Louise Tourism and Parks Canada alike. Sure, sometimes things could get repetitive (if I have to tell one more person where the gondola is I think I’ll scream) but the questions we would get also served as one of our main sources of entertainment.

No, sir, you may not bring your bow and arrow to the National Park.

Seriously. You can’t write this kind of stuff.

I mean… this guys works with me, but my point still stands.

Anyway, what I wasn’t expecting from this job at all was a kind of public speaking element. I got to learn a lot about adjusting the way I speak and move from person to person and pick up on social cues and norms in order to make the visitor feel the most comfortable while also getting all the information they wanted. It wasn’t easy, but I’m happy for it.

What was also great about this job was that it was really low-maintenance. At the end of the day I would come home and tell my family of funny questions or outrageous characters, not what had gone wrong with an order or whatever it is I complained about last year. My boss became my friend and my coworkers my partners in crime.

For the first time in living memory I came home and never ventured near a major city. The furthest I went from Banff was 185km to the Columbia Icefield. The only “city” I went to was Golden BC and that was only because I had nothing else better to do on my day off than drive 2 Swedish hitchhikers to another province. I know, I don’t get it either.

But whether it was with my coworkers or my childhood friends in tow, we got to have some pretty great adventures. Helicopters, mini golf, hot springs, lakes, bears, bonfires, and birthday parties were just some of the shenanigans we got into and it was fantastic.

Talking about all the things you can do in this town day in and day out for 4 months really makes one want to get out and explore.

Ah, but we had some fun; I’ll miss these buggers when I leave for the coast. And while we didn’t have much in the way of warm summer days I’m grateful for being able to see the first of autumn’s colours in the mountains.

So here we are: the end of the story. Thanks for sticking it out with me, I know I didn’t make it as easy as I could have but I honestly just did not have as much free time to write than I thought I would.

May the road rise up to meet you and sun be always at your back.



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