Chapter Eight – The Storm

Well it's that time of year again: Summertime. If that doesn't instill a mild sense of panic in you then you've clearly never had to witness summer in Banff. This year started off with a particularly massive bang in that Canada Day happened to fall on a Friday, making it not only the beginning of … Continue reading Chapter Eight – The Storm


Chapter Three – The Roads Now Taken

In the autumn of 1905 the province of Alberta was formed under the Canadian Confederation, the 11th out of an eventual 13 provinces and territories. By this time the Rocky Mountain Park had already been expanded twice, turning MacDonald's original 26²km park into a whopping 11,400²km one. It would later be downsized and tweaked until … Continue reading Chapter Three – The Roads Now Taken

Chapter Two – The Tracks So Far

Like so many others who have lived in the same place all their life, I have always had a soft spot for the history of my town. As a student of the subject, reading these histories helped establish a familiarity with the people who had lived in Banff before me. I have my experiences here; … Continue reading Chapter Two – The Tracks So Far