Chapter Eleven – Closing Time

Well here we are. Me, you, and the end of another summer. This summer, I am happy to report, was the kind of summer that songs are written about. Maybe not in regards to the weather - we did spend most of the last 4 months wearing long pants and hoodies - but certainly in … Continue reading Chapter Eleven – Closing Time


Chapter Ten – Dog Days

I am so sorry. Turns out I'm really quite horrible at keeping a blog on any kind of schedule. I do have my excuses though... As the title may hint, we have reached the point of the summer where the days are hot, the crowds thick, and the questions tiring. I am immensely enjoying working … Continue reading Chapter Ten – Dog Days

Chapter Nine – Time Well Spent

This is always a strange time of year for me; my birthday is next week which means that summer is almost over... But I could swear I only just arrived not 2 weeks ago! Never before have I so much agreed with the saying "time flies when you're having fun." There's something about this line … Continue reading Chapter Nine – Time Well Spent

Chapter Seven – The Calm

Oh my gosh I'm bad at this. I'm so sorry. Anyway, I know I promised you new material but as of yet I only have the photos. Some of the pictures I'm going to be including from here on in were taken by my extremely talented coworker Seven Shi. He has an amazing Instagram account … Continue reading Chapter Seven – The Calm

Chapter Six – Team Effort

Well its been a while since we've been all hands on deck and things are running ship shape. I think. Honestly, its all been a bit of a blur. Going places, visiting countless (seriously I lost track) hotels, having adventures all over the National Park really takes it out of a chick. Not that I'm … Continue reading Chapter Six – Team Effort